Outhaus Waxed Cotton Poncho for Bushcraft, Wild Camping and the Great Outdoors

Unlined Waxed Canvas Poncho (from stock)

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Product Description

We try to keep some ponchos in stock when we can. All are unlined with unlined hood, no pocket or tie-outs and with NATO black press studs:

#1 Short, olive, black tape

#2 Medium, olive, camo tape

#3 Medium, tan, camo tape

#4 Medium, tan, black tape

#5 Medium, olive, green tape

#6 Medium, olive, black tape

#7 Long, olive, black tape

#8 Long, tan, black tape


Our unlined waxed cotton poncho has been carefully designed to make your adventures in the harsh elements as enjoyable as possible.

It is crafted from 405gsm (12oz) British made 100% cotton canvas. The canvas has an ultra dry waxed finish which readily forms a beautiful antiqued patina.

The hood is fixed with high quality DOT brand brass press studs negating the need for a seam around the neck, thereby reducing any risk of water ingress. The front of the poncho features a classic half zip opening which is backed to keep the weather out, even when open. nb: currently the YKK Aquaguard zip is black, not green as in the photos.

The flat, laid out poncho measures approximately 1.5 x 2.1m/2.25/2.6m (short/medium/long) which translates to 1.5m wide across the shoulders and about 1m/1.15m/1.3m length, front and back.

We have added DOT brand press studs down both sides to allow the poncho to be closed off when being worn and these, along with the extra press studs at the rear and eyelet at the front, will allow it to be fitted to our slip-in bedrolls for a quick sleeping solution. The press studs also allow the poncho to be turned into a narrow bivvy by folding it lengthways and press-studding the long sides together.

Weights are as follows:
Short Unlined: 1.9kg
Medium Unlined: 2.1kg
Long Unlined: 2.25kg

This is a completely unlined, beautifully made, waxed canvas poncho. Slight transfer of the wax may occur while the poncho wears in.

Pictures show both lined and unlined versions.

Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty. If there are any issues due to the workmanship of this product simply return to us for a repair or replacement (conditions apply).