Outhaus Cat Cut Diamond Polycotton Dining Tarp

Diamond Polycotton Tarp

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Product Description

Our diamond shaped tarp is sometimes referred to as a 'dining tarp' as it lends itself very well to that functionality.

It is a large, lightweight shelter that can easily be set up above a table. The tarp measures 5m along the ridge line and 4m across, with cat cut (curved) sides of 3.2m and is supplied with 2 collapsible steel poles, 6 pegs and 6 guylines. The tarp has 12 tie out points, 4 of which are set with eyelets.

At 210gsm, the polycotton canvas is both strong and lightweight and is treated for mould and water resistance. This tarp matches our Kiowa tipi and they look great together.

Weight (tarp, pegs, guys): 2.7kg
Weight (poles): 2.4kg
Pack size (tarp, pegs, guys): 44 x 14cm)
Pole length: 210cm
Pole length (collapsed sections): 57.5cm

Warranty Information

Lifetime warranty. If there are any issues due to the workmanship of this product simply return to us for a repair or replacement (conditions apply).