Angle Tube Set for Loki/Loki 2 (2 pcs)

Angle Tube Set for Loki/Loki 2 (2 pcs)

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Product Description

Pointing the way: The Petromax angled pipe set allows you to set up your Loki2 inside the tent exactly where you need it. Simply placed between two stove pipe segments, you can lead your exhaust air outwards at a 45 ° or 90 ° angle, even through the side walls of the tent. Individually or in a group, one behind the other or offset. Use the angled pipe set exactly according to your local conditions or individual requirements to properly heat yourself and your Loki2.

Safety instructions: Always attach the angle pipes above the stove pipe with the exhaust air regulator, otherwise the function of the exhaust air control will be severely impaired. Remember that an inclined or horizontal stovepipe will need additional stabilization or support.

Technical data
Dimensions: 19.3 x 12.3 x 6cm
Weight: 372g