Bushmen Travel Gear 4x4 Thermo Tarp in Olive from Outhaus

Thermo Tarp 4x4 Olive

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BU THTARP 4x4 olv
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Product Description

This is the largest tarp (16m2) with insulation layer in the BUSHMEN collection. Massive surface, 26 loops, additional reinforcements and only 1.35 kg.This one is also packed into a practical bag with carrying handles.

THERMO - Tarp™ 4x4 / olive
This is the largest Thermo-tarp™ in the BUSHMEN® collection.
Tarp is made of an extremely durable, lightweight, waterproof material with Polyester 190T ripstop weave. The larger area (16 m2!) is more stressed, so there are more reinforcements and more loops.

Now, this waterproof tarp with a thermal insulation layer has as many as 26 loops. 20 loops are located on the Thermo-tarp’s circumference. The remaining 6 are located through 2 middle reinforcing stripes.

Of course, similarly to all BUSHMEN® Travel Gear tarps™, this one is also packed into a practical bag with transporting handles located on the bottom and along with the bag.

If you travel using various means of transport, such as a canoe, car, or bicycle, this solution is designed for you.
If you travel together, this solution is for both of you. A large surface and a unique double ridge allow you to sleep comfortably in two hammocks under one roof.
Thanks to the tape reinforcement and the convenient arrangement of the loops, the tarp can be laid out in many ways. It provides convenience and protection in every situation. Using the surroundings (trees, rocks, depressions) and paddles, a bike, or simply a car roof rack, you can create a great tent, or a type of patio perfectly adjusted to a place and weather, and above all, your needs.

The top side color is dark olive. It easily absorbs heat and masks well. On the other side, the material is covered with a thermal insulation layer, which increases thermal comfort.

The silver cover of the other side perfectly reflects body heat while maintaining thermal comfort, e.g. during cold nights. Its reflective surface also allows using lighting more effectively. During hot, sunny days, it reflects the sun’s rays significantly lowering the temperature under the tarp.

UPF 50+
Important! The thermal insulation layer protects against UV radiation!

Laboratory tests confirm that the UV protection factor of THERMO-Tarps is at the highest possible level of UPF 50+:
UVA rays responsible for skin aging – protection level 97.74%
UVB rays responsible for skin cancer – protection level 99.92%

Specially designed loops are much easier to use than the classic ones. The characteristic clearance between the loop tapes not only makes it easier to work in difficult conditions but also allows the tape to better fit around the lashings. An inconspicuous change in the construction of the loop also allows distributing forces better/wider acting on the tarp material. For this reason, we could resign from sewn reinforcements on the sides without losing strength. The loops on the corners are the most exposed to overloading, therefore we left traditional reinforcements. Thanks to that our tarps are even stronger.

Additional reinforcements
THERMO – Tarp 4×4 / olive has characteristic two reinforcing stripes running parallel to each other. They are 145cm from the tarp edge.
This solution greatly strengthens the construction and durability of the sheet. There are 5 loops on each of the – two classic ones at the ends and three respectively spaced every 1m.

Dimensions: 4x4m
Weight 1.35kg
Loops 26 (22 around + 6 on the surface of the tarp)
Waterproof 3500mm
UV protection - UPF 50+
The set includes 10m of rope


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