Kupilka Spork 205

Spork 205

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Product Description

KUPILKA Spork 205 is the option for longer outdoor trips when you need to cut down the grams, yet want the functionality and looks.

Length 205mm
Weight 14g

From the brand:
The ecological Kupilka dishware can withstand boiling hot water and sub-zero temperatures as cold as -30°C. The dishes can be washed by hand in the wild or in the dishwasher back home. The products are manufactured from our own biomaterial using EKOenergy, and each item ages beautifully yet keeping its qualities. You can check how fresh the product is from its wooden scent – the stronger the scent, the newer the product! To ensure the longevity of the dishes, we do not recommend putting them in the microwave, stove or open fire. At the end of their life span, the products can be recycled, incinerated for heat energy or returned to the manufacturer for re-use. The Kupilka packaging is made from recycled cardboard.

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