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  • Kupilka Bowl 55



    EATING VESSEL / SOUP BOWL KUPILKA 55 has a handle for good grip leaving your other hand free for the…

  • Kupilka Fire Steel from Outhaus



    KUPILKA FireSteel 8 will create sparks to ignite your fires even when damp. It features a compact st…

  • Kupilka 3pc Gift Box



    This gift box comprises the following popular Kupilka items: KUPILKA 14 SMALL PLATE An extremely lig…

  • Kupilka Large Cup 37



    2 in 1 DRINKING VESSEL The award-winning Kupilka 37 returns to its simple roots, where one cup is en…

  • Kupilka 5 Shot Cup



    KUPILKA 5 shot cup for your morning espresso or your favourite liqueur. This jewel-like beautiful cu…

  • Kupilka Spork 205



    KUPILKA Spork 205 is the option for longer outdoor trips when you need to cut down the grams, yet wa…

  • Kupilka 225 Spork



    KUPILKA Spork 225 is lightweight yet durable. It gives that extra length that you need for food pouc…

9 of 9 Items