Waxed Cotton Canvas Tarp for Bushcraft, Wild Camping and Adventure

3x3m Waxed Cotton Canvas Tarp

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Product Description

Our cotton canvas camping tarps are akin to the oilskins of old. They are created using extremely high quality UK made 290gsm (8.6oz) 100% cotton canvas, with a waxed finish. In our opinion this material offers the best combination of strength, pack size and weight for a waxed cotton tarp. Over time they will develop a beautiful patina.

They are sewn with Coats Dual Duty thread which has a strong polyester core, with a cotton outer cover. The thread is treated with an ecofriendly PFC-free anti-wick finish to prevent the capillary action of water transportation through the thread in the seam. Once seasoned this gives a high degree of water resistance.

3x3m with 21 tie-outs, approx 2.5kg
Tarps come with black tie-outs.

Size and weight are approximate.

Pictures show various sizes and better photos of the tarps in use are in the pipeline.

Please note: Although waxed cotton tarps will resist sparks and the odd ember, they are not flameproof so care must be taken when cooking or using a campfire.

Made in Essex, England

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